Welcome to v4

January 1, 2022

Nate Sales

Packetframe has a new control plane! 🎉

To kick off the new year, the API, dashboard, and node orchestrator have been completely rewritten to improve the stability and feature set.

A few notable improvements:

  • A new API supporting dynamic record edits directly or automated with dnscontrol
  • Shiny new dashboard (thanks Seth!)
  • Decreased record update time with incremental zone deployment
  • Distributed active anycast monitoring with Verfploeter and bifocal
  • A blog with a plan to focus on technical subjects (anycast, DNS, etc), occasionally featuring our amazing sponsors

See the api, web, and infra repos for the full source.

Legacy accounts have been migrated to the new dashboard but will require a password reset due to a change in the argon2id hashing parameters. Head over to https://packetframe.com/dashboard/password_reset

Thank you to all our community partners and beta testers for making this possible!

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